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For six decades, the Sierratone brand has produced beds and mattresses known for their comfort and craftsmanship. Owing its success to its unsurpassed passion for service, the company’s vision for a better country has allowed it to make the needs of its customers a top priority. Back in the 1950s, our founder built this company fully aware of the economic instability of a post-war Philippines. He introduced Sierratone Bed as a way to mitigate the scarcity of beds at prices faithful to the economic status of the Filipino people. As the country recovered and better raw materials became available, the company managed to improve the quality of their products even further and continued to evolve through time. Product development was undertaken to improve manufacturing, and distribution channels were expanded to make the brand available nationwide. Nevertheless, Sierratone Bed continues to regard the accessiblity of the brand as their first concern, and strives to make the most practical, cost-effective offerings that they can.

Sierratone Bed mattress
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